• RadShield™

RadShield™ was designed to provide an easier alternative for transferring your source to the camera with minimal exposure without moving a 60 plus pound case around your Nuclear Medicine Department.

As a result of customer feedback, RadShield™ is in its’ third generation, and we believe is now optimized. While weighing only 30 pounds or less (depending on source ordered) it provides similar or better radiation dose reduction as the typical hard case, by shielding the surface of the source not an oversize case.

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Why RadQual RadShield™ brand Flood Source Shielding?

  • Guaranteed: Quality and Performance
  • Guaranteed: Compact storage in your hot lab
  • Guaranteed: Light enough to move easily from hot lab to camera
  • Guaranteed: Sturdy construction, reusable with any RadQual source of same size


The RadShield™ AdvantageOnly RadShield™Competitor's Hard Case
@ contact 0.1 * 0.07 *
@ 30cm 0.04 * 0.03 *
@ 1m 0.01 * 0.01 *

* (millirem/hour/millcurie)
Based on a BM01 series 15 mCi Co-57 source using a Bicron MicroRem meter with Co-56/Co-58 less than 0.08%.