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Ge-68 PET Cylinders

Ge-68 PET Cylinders & Transmission Rod Sources

  • 20cm diameter PET phantoms containing Ge-68(Germanium 68)
  • Available in active dimensions of 19cm, 27cm and 30cm lengths
  • Each source is PET scanned and verified for uniformity.
  • Rod Sources available in 1.2mCi, 2.2mCi and 3.2mCi activity levels.
  • Complete with quality documentation and leak test certificate.
  • Rugged shipping package can be used for depleted source returns.
    • Free one-for one expended source return with each purchase.
  • Typical Calibration Uncertainty is +/- 3% at the 95% Confidence Level.
  • Custom activities and geometries are available for special orders.
  • Custom molded hard plastic ATA 300 Category 1 case made from high impact HDPE with high density foam inserts and a hinged lid for ease of use.
  • Cases can be purchased for an additional cost. Consult with your distributor for pricing.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.