Co-57 QC point source for use with Siemens AQC

Co-57 , 50uCi (1.85MBq) Point Source. Used for Siemens Scanners with Auto Quality Control (AQC) option.

RadLite™ Flood Sources

60% lighter, 60% thinner – 100% guaranteed.


Designed to provide an easier alternative for transferring your source to the camera with minimal exposure

Charcoal Cartridge for I-131 Monitoring

This cartridge is impregnated with radioactive material (133Ba) and is used to check and  calibrate equipment that measures charcoal cartridges used for monitoring I-131.

RadQual, LLC is the premier developer of innovative quality control products for the nuclear medicine and PET imaging communities.


“RadQual, LLC is a preferred vendor for UPPI and its member network of over 100 independent radiopharmacies throughout the US. RadQual consistently delivers high quality products and outstanding service. The philosophy at RadQual is in sync with UPPI’s mission to deliver the highest quality nuclear pharmacy products and service to insure improved patient outcomes. Couple this with the professionalism and integrity of RadQual’s corporate team and it is easy to see why RadQual is such a valued provider.”



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Come see us at EANM!

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