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PET F-18 X-Cal System

PET F-18 X-Cal System

PET F-18 X-Cal System

This patented product and application allows for cross calibration of your PET scanner, dose calibrator, and well detector for Ga-68 and F-18, and is useful in multi-center imaging trials to both assess bias and enable correction of biases due to instrumentation factors for serial PET studies.

BMCY68-0404 series contains a 0.5 mCi (18.5 MBq) of Ge-68/Ga-68 (in secular equilibrium) cylinder which is implicitly traceable to NIST this is supplied with a base mount for the Data Spectrum ECT Phantom. The dose calibrator for this series contains approximately 25 uCi (0.90 MBq)of F-18 equivalent activity and is directly traceable to NIST. The rod source contains approximately 0.14 uCi (3.85 kBq) and is implicitly traceable to NIST. A custom decay chart for Ge-68/Ga-68 and F-18 are provided with this source series.

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Why Radqual Pet F-18 X-Cal System?

All of the sources in this set are manufactured from the same Ge68/Ga-68 epoxy process using NIST traceable balances to ensure accurate measurement of weight. Our proprietary process allows for extremely uniform activity distribution with in the cylinder. The content of the cylinder and rod source are determined by the concentration of the directly traceable dose calibrator standard. So the activity contents of all of the sources are known at the 95% confidence level with +/- 2.5%.

PET F-18 X-Cal System Specifications

Physical Dimensions:
CylinderOverall Dimensions9.37 cm (3.68 inches) height
7.04 cm (2.77 inches) diameter
Active Matrix4.50 cm (1.77 inches) height
4.50 cm (1.77 inches) diameter
Base Mount18.0 cm (7.08 inches) diameter

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