Dose Calibrator S-Vial | SPECT

Dose Calibrator S-Vial - SPECT

Dose Calibrator S-Vial | SPECT

"The Gold Standard for Ion Chamber Accuracy"

A patented design unique to RadQual, the S-Vial allows for use in either the syringe or vial positions on your dose calibrator dipper. It enables accurate measurement by minimizing the physical geometry and position geometry effects, thereby maximizing your ion chamber accuracy.

All dose calibrator sources are calibrated against a traceable National Institute of Standards (NIST) solution in a similar geometry, using a pressurized ion chamber. They contain approximately 5cc’s of total volume with 3cc’s of active epoxy.

Sources are packaged in an individual lead shield that is color coded to the source.

All sources are shipped with a certificate of calibration, leak test certification, radiation safety handling instructions, and a custom decay calendar.

Dimensions: total source Height 3.0”, Major Diameter 1.125”, Minor Diameter 0.625”, Activity Height 1.5”, and Activity Diameter 0.445”.

Model No.NuclideActivityColor
BM06S-57Co-575.0 mCi
BM06S-157Co-5710.0 mCi
BM06S-60Co-600.05 mCi
BM06S-33Ba-1330.25 mCi
BM06S-37Cs-1370.2 mCi