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Shipping & Returns Information

Dear RadQual Customer,

We’re pleased that you’re a RadQual customer and we genuinely appreciate your business. Our Return Forms & Labels Package page provides everything you’ll need to easily and legally return spent sources for disposal. Keep in mind that returns are only accepted at 4137 Commerce Circle, Idaho Falls, ID 83401 in accordance with our contract manufacturers. Be sure to read instructions carefully as you complete these forms.

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How to determine if your return is UN2910 or UN2915

Conduct a radiation dose rate survey on each surface of all 6 sides of your package. Measurements are based on nuclides not exceeding limited specified under 49 CFR 173.425.

Your return is UN2915 if…

If your surface reading is greater than 0.5 mrem/hr, but less than 50 mrem/hr, you need to ship your package as a UN2915.

UN2915 is for returns of sources with radiation levels less than 50 mrem/hr (0.50 mSv/hr) maximum on surface; 1 mrem/hr (10 µSv/hr) maximum at 1 meter.

Your return is UN2910 if…

If your surface reading is less than 0.5 mrem/hr, you can ship your package as a UN2910.

UN2910 is for returns of decayed radioactive sources when packaged do not exceed the radiation limit of 0.5 mrem/hr at contact with the surface of the shipping container.

Contact your Radiation Safety Officer if…

If you have not been trained and certified to offer hazardous goods for transport contact your Radiation Safety Officer (RSO).