Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to be trained to return spent sources?
A: Yes, you must be Hazmat trained to ship or receive radioactives. You can find the needed information at

Q: What is included with a “Return Kit” and what are the fees for disposal of a decayed source?
A: When your new source arrives you will find a return kit inside of the RadShield™. It includes the necessary paperwork and a step by step “flow chart” to guide you along. You, as the end user, are responsible for the cost of the return shipping for the spent source. Shipping fees will vary depending on the method of the return and the distance involved.

Q: Can I return more than one source per purchase?
A: You can return one similar source from any U.S. manufacturer per each source purchased. You cannot return more than one.

Q: Can you dispose of additional sources for a charge?
A: No, RadQual does not have a general waste disposal license nor do we provide brokerage services. We suggest TI Services at 800-409-2688 or alternate disposal brokers.

Q: Do you accept the old large lined cases with each source disposal?
A: No, please sell the case locally for scrap. It is expensive for you to ship lead.

Q: How do I ship an old source back without using a lead lined container or shield?
A: Please refer to the supplied return kit flow chart. It specifies at what levels you can return a depleted source without a Declaration of Dangerous Goods form and at what levels you need to fill out a Declaration of Dangerous Goods form.

Sealed Source Reference Standard FAQs

Q: Can I order products directly from RadQual?
A: No, we sell our products through a carefully selected network of Nuclear Pharmacies and Nuclear Distributors worldwide. Call 208.524.5300 for a referral.

Q: How often should I replace my sources?
A: First is what type of source are you replacing? If a Co-57 flood source you should replace this when you reach the minimum count rate specified by your camera manufacturer for Quality Control, or at the very least replacement should occur in the 18-24 month period based on the reference date. Dose calibration sources are different, Co-57 sources and Ge-68/Ga-68 (simulated F-18) should be replaced when they have decayed to approximately 20% of their original calibration value. The longer lived nuclides used in dose calibrator sources Ba-133, Co-60 and Cs-137 should be replaced as necessary. Rod sources should be replaced when the assay value starts to drift beyond your facilities acceptance level for calibration, i.e ± 5%.

Q: How do I know which sheet source and which activity level is correct for my camera?
A: Please consult your Nuclear Pharmacist or Nuclear Sales Distributor. They have a cross reference chart that lists the source recommended by the manufacturer of your camera. It is critical that you use the correct source.

Q: Why should I use a Syringe style dose calibrator source “S” vial rather than the old style “E” vial for my dose calibrator?
A: The short answer is, The “S” vial was designed specifically for those who purchase unit dose product from a radiopharmacy. The design takes into account both the difference in physical shape and positioning of the radioisotope in the dose calibrator. This ensures that you are measuring your doses correctly and that your patients are receiving the prescribed dosage.

Q: What is the best isotope source to use in my dose calibrator?
A: First every source used for calibration should be NIST traceable (or equivalent). Everyone should use a Cs-137 source (BM06E-37 or BM06S-37 as) this is a great source for constancy. Next is what isotopes are you using for imaging? Co-57 (BM06E-57, BM06E-157, BM06S-57 or the BM06S-157) is the closest standard for Tc-99m, Tl-201, In-111 and Ga-67. Ba-133 (BM06E-33 or BM06S-33) is often used for I-131. Co-60 (BM06E-60 or BM06S-60) gives you a high energy check at 1.33MeV. For F-18 the Ge-68/Ga-68 simulated F-18 source BM06S-68 or BM06S-681) patented by RadQual is the only dose calibrator standard with NIST traceability for F-18.

Q: What type of source do I need for my wipe test well counter?
A : The RadQual BM08 series rod sources are compatible with all wipe test well counters and the nuclide applications are similar to those of the dose calibrator needs stated above. Just ensure that your wipe test system can handle high count rates is you purchase a source over 500 nanocuries.

Q: Do I need to recalibrate my dose calibrator when purchasing a replacement vial source?
A: For the most part this should not be necessary as the readings should be well within the accepted ± 5%. However if you are changing over to the “S” vial configuration this should be done, instructions are included in the source information package.

For additional answers to questions not addressed here please contact us directly at 208-524-5300.