GE StarGuide™ Co-57 Line Source
GE StarGuide™ Co-57 Line Source (BM83-SG-10)

GE StarGuide™ Co-57 Line Source

Stainless steel, doubly encapsulated, Co-57 line source designed specifically for the GE StarGuide SPECT/CT system. Source contains 10 mCi (370 MBq) uniformly dispersed in an active length of 327 mm by 4 mm diameter. The source is housed in an acrylic outer tube with a mounting attachment. Overall dimensions are 397 mm length by 20 mm diameter.

Source uniformity is measured in 1 cm segments. All segments are within 5% of any two points over the active length. Adjacent segments are within 2% uniformity.

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Active: Length 327 mm x Diameter 4 mm.
Overall: Length 397 mm x Diameter 20 mm.




10 mCi (370 MBq)

Fits Camera(s)

GE StarGuide™

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GE StarGuide™ Co-57 Line Source

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